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Tinker Box Components

Tinker Box consists of

1. Monthly books – 8

2. Art and Craft Book – 1

3. AR Course Book Companion – 1

4. Notebook (2 notebooks for Primer and Primer A and 3 notebooks for Prime B)

5. Digital Classroom-TeachNext

6. Resource Kit

7. Next Curriculum App

1. Monthly Books

8 Monthly books

Different Section in each book

IRAR & Integrated Approach

Age appropriate progression

Phonics to learn English

Stories and rhymes in different styles

Double page picture plates

80:20 Picture Text Ratio & Big font

Mentor tips for teachers

Learning outcomes sheet

2. Art and Craft Book

The book of art and craft allows childern to use their imagination and participate in creative activities and express themselves.

Combination of art and craft activities

Contains required craft material to perform the activities.

The visuals in terms of how perform the activities along with mentor tips are provided

3. AR Course Book Companion

Tinker Box consists of AR course book companions for each grade. Each page of it has an Augmented Reality (AR) image. When those images are scanned via our Next curriculum app, they get animated into a 3D object. You can interact with object and simulate real-life interation or create your own experience.

4. Notebooks



Not too much of writing

Integrated with the textbooks

5. Digital Classroom-TeachNext

Our Content

Integrated curriculum

Audio-visual aids

2000+ modules

Stories & rhymes

Pre-math concepts,

Language learning


Fine motor & gross motor activies

General awareness concepts

Interactive content designed for deeper

6. Resource Kit

7. Next Curriculum App