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KG (4.5 to 5.5 years)

For KG more focus is on Cursive Writing, Art & Craft, General Awareness, Reading & Writing of Question words, phrases, sentences & short paragraphs, Single & double digit Addition & Subtraction, Skip Counting, smaller & bigger no., solid shapes, secondary colours


KG  (4.5 to 5.5 years)


Write a to z (small letters), Vowels, 2 letter & Sight words, 3 letter words – ab, ad, ag, am, an, ap, at, ed, eg, en, et, ib, id, ig, im, in, ip, it, ix, ob, od, og, op, ot, ox, oy, ub, ud, ug, um, un, up, us ut; Long sound vowels; sound blends – l, r, s; double letter words –  ee, ll, oo; read aloud – sentences & paragraphs, Digraphs & Blends, One & Many, This & That, These & Those, Usage of a & an before words, question words, Opposites, Days of Week, Month of a year.


Write 51 to 100, before after btw the numbers, missing no.s, smaller & bigger no.s (< & >), forward backward counting, Skip Counting by 2s, 5s, 10s. Number Names 1 to 20, Ordinal No., One & Two Digit Addition & Subtraction, Time & Money


स्वर माला, लिखना सीखे, व्यंजन सीखे, गीत गाए, चित्र देखो और कहानी कहो, दो और तीन  वर्णो वाले शब्द, वर्णमाला

Pre Maths

Same Different, Up Down, Inside Outside, Thick Thin, Front Back,  On Under, Open Close, More Less, First Last, High Low


Pentagon, Hexagon, Diamond, Sphere, Cube, Cone, Cylinder, Star, Difference btw Flat & Solid Shapes.


Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Brown, Grey,  Primary & Secondary Colours

General Awareness

Me & Family, My Favorite Things, Ages & Stages,

Parts of Body, Sense Organs, Use of Hands & Legs,

Good Habits, Good Manners, Table Manners, Magic Words, Greetings,

Home & its Rooms, School & its room, Playground & its swings,

Safety at Home, School, Playground & Road,

Summer, Winter, Rainy & Spring Seasons & Things we use in that season,

Day & Night Time Activities,

Flowers, Fruits & Vegetables Plants, One & Many Seeded Fruits,

Raw & Cooked Vegetables, Germination, Parts of Plant, Use of Plant, Care for Plants,

Animals & their young ones, Sounds of Animals, Birds & Insects,

Homes of Animals, Food of Animals, Care of Animals, Uses of Animals,

Sources of Water, Uses of Water, Tips to Save Water, Water Cycle,

Uses of Air, Water & Air Pollution,

Our Country & Flag, Our National Song & Anthem, National Symbols,

Famous People of India, National Holidays, Festivals of India, Places of Worship,

Family & School Celebrations.

Celebrations or Field Trips

Welcome Party, Public Speaking,  Solid Shapes Day,

Class Competitions, Festival Celebrations & National Days,

Environment Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day, Children’s Day,

Visit to Temple, Church, Gurudwara, Supermarket, Town Park, Zoo,

Sports Day, Annual Function,