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Pre Nursery (2.5 to 3.5 years)

For Pre- Nursery more focus is on Pre- Writing Strokes, Tracing, Scribbling, Fine & Gross Motor Activities, General Awareness, Stories & Rhymes, Good Manners, Colours & Shapes, Fun Group Games.


Pre – Nursery (2.5 to 3.5 years)


Pre – Writing Strokes – standing & sleeping lines, forward & backward slant lines, zigzag lines, right & left open curve, upward & downward curve,  upward & downward loops,

Recitation & Tracing A to Z


Recitation & Tracing 1 to 20

Pre Maths

Right Left, Big Small, In Out, Tall Short, Up Down

Sensory Time

Touch, Smell, Hear, See, Taste

Stories & Rhymes

Poem Recitation & Story Narration with Actions & Voice Modulation along with use of Puppets & Flashcards


Triangle, Circle, Square, Rectangle


Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Black, White

General Awareness

Me & My Family, Parts of Body,

Clothes we wear, Cleanliness, Good Habits,

Good Manners, Table Manners, Magic Words, Greetings,

Action Words (Smile, Brush, Bath, Sleep, Walk, Talk, Dance, Jump, Clap, Eat, Skip, Kick, Draw, Clap, Throw, Catch, Stand Up, Sit Down, Sing, Push, Pull),

Home & its Rooms, School & its room,  Playground

Farm & Wild Animals, Vegetables,

Vehicles – Land, Air & Water, Traffic Lights

Play Time (Fine & Gross Motor Activities)

Free Play, Water Play, Jumping Activities, Yoga & exercise, Fun Games, Balloon Games, Buttoning, Zipping, Lacing, Velcoring, Beading, Counting, Passing, Catch & Throw, Dancing, Kick & Roll the Ball, Hopping, Tearing Newspaper, Crayons Colouring , Soft Toys, Running, Pass the Ball, Music Games, Show & Tell, Pasting, Matching, Finger/Thumb/Hand Printing, Vegetable Painting, Animal Sounds, Puppet Show, Flash Cards, Eating Food, Toilet Training

Celebrations or Field Trips

Welcome Party, Colours & Shapes Day, Table Manners Day,

Vegetables Day, Animals Day, Modes of Transport Day,

Class Competitions, Festival Celebrations,

Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day, Children’s Day

Visit to Temple, Church, Gurudwara, Supermarket, Town Park

Sports Day, Annual Function