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Play Group (1.5 to 2.5 years)

For playgroup more focus is on Playtime, Fine & Gross Motor Activities, Me & My Family, Cleanliness, General Awareness, Stories & Rhymes, Greetings, Good Manners, Orals, Action & Movements.


Play Group (1.5 to 2.5 years)


Recitation A to Z, and Letter Identification A to J


Number Identification & Rote Counting 1 to 10

Pre Maths

Big Small, In Out

Sensory Time

Touch, Smell, Hear, See, Taste

Stories & Rhymes

Poem Recitation & Story Narration with Actions & Voice Modulation along with use of Puppets & Flashcards


Triangle, Circle, Square


Red, Yellow, Blue

General Awareness

Me & My Family,

Parts of Body,

Clothes we wear,

Home, School, Playground, Toys

Flowers, Fruits, Animals, Birds, Insects, Day & Night,

Greetings, Golden Words,

Feelings (Happy, Sad)

Action words (Smile, Walk, Dance, Jump, Kick, Eat, Draw, Clap, Throw, Catch, Sing, Stand Up, Sit Down)

Play Time (Fine & Gross Motor Activities)

Free Play, Water Play, Ball Pool Play, Jumping Activities, Balloon Games, Soaking & Floating, Washing Clothes, Buttoning, Zipping, Lacing, Velcoring, Holding, Passing, Catch & Throw, Dancing, Clapping, Tapping, Kick & Roll the Ball, Hopping, Tearing Newspaper, Crayons Scribbling, Soft Toys, Running, Pass the Ball, Music Games, Show & Tell, Yoga, Blow the Bubbles, Pasting, Matching, Colouring, Finger/Thumb/Hand Printing, Animal Sounds, Puppet Show, Flash Cards, Eating Food, Toilet Training

Celebrations or Field Trips

Welcome Party, Colours & Shapes Day,

Class Competitions, Festival Celebrations,

Mother’s Day, Grandparents Day, Children’s Day

Visit to Temple, Church, Gurudwara, Supermarket, Town Park,

Sports Day, Annual Function