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Our Course textbooks are designed in the manner that it teach all the concepts through activities, practice tasks, stories & rhymes using real life examples to strengthen every domain of early childhood development. In our books, each content is introduced through rich, colorful visuals followed by recognition activity, application activity & repetition of concepts. This vivid artwork sparks curiosity & stimulates imagination in kids & helps them to learn new concepts. Where the activity sheets strengthens the concepts learnt through fine motor activities, the practice sheets helps the kids to build strong foundation by practicing their classwork at home.

Augmented Reality –

We have also introduced an Interactive Child friendly app for our kids, which is to be used with help of parents and teachers. With this AR kit, parents can involve children in a learning activity that is both engaging and academically helpful. Instead of just seeing plain pictures of animals, birds, means of transport etc., children can now experience how they look like in real life, along with the motion and sound. AR not only serve as visually stimulating platform with bright, colorful 3D graphics but it also maximizes intellectual stimulation and response in children. It brings an unprecedented level of interactivity into reality and creativity into learning.

Digital Classroom –

We also have digital classroom in our preschool with age appropriate audiovisual content by TeachNext, which is an award winning digital classroom solution provider. It provide us with fun real life videos for abstract concepts along with innovative images, sounds to capture kids’ imagination which reinforce the learning which is there in our text books. Our Digital Classroom contains a rich mix of Clay & Craft animations, 2D & 3D animations, Real life videos.

Assessment –

To ensure Continuous assessment of the child, day wise as well as monthly assessment sheets are provided in the kit. These assessment sheets are designed in the manner that it act as a framework for teachers in evaluating the progress of each child, so that it is made sure that their learning & development goals are achieved properly.

Hands on Learning –

Along with textbook, a resource kit is provided in the kids’ books kit which contains teaching aids & hands-on manipulatives to conduct activities for children. These activities help develop fine motor, spatial, cognitive & linguistic skills and are very fun filled, engaging & interactive such as finger puppets, jigsaw puzzles, beads & strings, play-doh moulds, lacing boards, flashcards etc.