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Holistic Learning through Play & Exploration-

1. Age appropriate content

2. Real life content

3. Integrated Approach

4. Multiple Learning Opportunities

5. Audio Visual Integration with Books

School Readiness-

The kids are trained in a manner so that they get ready for formal schools with our well mapped day wise planner which are prepared for the entire academic year which includes exhaustive list of classroom activities with well-defined learning objectives.

Technology Driven Education-

As 21st Century is the age of technology enabled society and advance multimedia and animation, we have incorporated smart learning in our preschool so that the education we provide in our preschool is at par with the latest technology & multimedia that today’s kids are exposed to. We have made an attempt to make learning a joyful & meaningful experience for kids by introducing technology driven education which helps in inculcating 4Cs – ie.

1. Critical Thinking

2. Creativity

3. Communication skills

4. Collaboration