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We understand that the first few weeks of a child settling into a play school are the most difficult for both child and parent, hence we encourage parents to pay more attention over child settlement process and go through the below Tips to help your child settle smoothly and quickly.

Children fear to be very vulnerable during settlement process as they start getting a feeling of detachment from their loved ones hence they cry, resist, throw tantrums to express their fear and sometimes we don’t even know what’s running in their mind. Kids in beginning may even get uncomfortable seeing many other kids or plenty of new faces around, however we all need to be very patient and calmly follow the settlement process. It is only after when the child starts feeling comfortable and secure in school premises will follow teacher’s instructions.

Some children will adjust quite easily to the new environment and routines while others might take longer to feel comfortable and secure. This varied behavior of children may depend on their age, daily routine, emotional ability, family background & culture, child’s mind preparation, physical health, attachment with Parents & Grand Parents, exposure to the outer world etc.

TIPS to follow

  1. Prepare your child’s mind for the school by explaining him/her that school is a place where many children come to play, sing and hear stories. Also they can play and have fun with various toys.
  2. Be prepared for accompanying your child to school for about 3 to 5 days initially, so that child starts feeling school is a secure place and familiarises them with people in school. Don’t push your child to settle in the school faster than his ability.
  3. After few days if you find that the child is slowly adjusting, don’t leave school premises immediately. For some time stay away from the class or in parking area just in case if we need you we can approach you easily. However if you try to sneak in continuously without the teachers consent, it will disturb the child and make adjustment process difficult, hence try to avoid it.
  4. Telling the anxious child “There is nothing to be afraid of” or “you are too big to cry this way” will make him/her more frightened. Do not under any condition scare the child and refrain from making such statements.
  5. If you show reluctance to remain with the child during initial days, the child may feel even more upset. Never let the child feel you are pushing them hard for something that your child don’t want at that moment. So be patient, since every child has its own settlement period and process to take.
  6. After a week, start building up a routine of dropping and picking up the child from school or via Transport if availing. Make sure you wish the child goodbye and then leave promptly and when you come to pick greet your child with smile, express love & care.

Following the above procedures will help your child slowly adapting the school environment in a healthy way. After 3-4 weeks child will start following to the instructions of a teacher and will show signs of learning and adapting.

All the Best!