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Importance of PreSchool

The pre-primary years are important, foundation building years in a child’s life. Studies have shown that a child’s earliest years of development are the most critical as

  • During the first 6 years, the brain is twice as active as that of an adult.

  • 60% of nutrition is consumed by the brain in 1st year which decreases to 30% by age 3.

Since children are most receptive to information at a young age, “early learning exposure” plays an essential role in fostering mental development. The right approach to learning is critical to ensure that the child develops a love for imbibing new concepts without feeling stressed.

Benefits of preschool education are reiterated by such facts that children who attend preschool or early education programs:

  • Have enhanced cognitive, verbal and social development.

  • Have significantly higher IQs.

  • Enter formal school with better preparation to learn and explore.

  • Are less likely to exhibit delinquency and antisocial behavior.

  • Tend to demonstrate higher levels of school achievement and better social adjustment.

This makes the job of parents more and more complex to choose the right preschool for their kids. Hence, to make parents job easy, Little Scholars Smart Learning Preschool envision of providing a nurturing place where children not only grow intellectually smarter with technologically driven education but could also grow emotionally stronger in a culturally sound environment along with right physical development.