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Ready Steady Go Kids is Australia’s largest multi-sport & exercise program for kids aged 2 to 8 years. Commenced in 2004 in Australia & currently running classes internationally over 15 countries. It introduces preschoolers to 10 different sports in a structured, safe, inclusive and non-competitive environment. It helps preschoolers in boosting school readiness skills by incorporating skills such as concentration, listening, following directions and basic concepts of colours, numbers and shapes. It has also been instrumental in decreasing childhood obesity & Increasing each child’s self-confidence & competence. Participants will leave the program with a basic understanding of a variety of sports to build upon when school begins.

Ready Steady Go Kids Classes

  • Each Ready Steady Go Kids class runs for duration of 1 hour, and we cover ten sports on a rotational basis.
  • RSGK Classes are designed to focus on age appropriate gross and fine motor skills such as hand-eye & foot-eye coordination, correct body posture and balance activity to complement the sport component.
  • Introduce and reinforce the importance of warm-up and stretching to help prevent injuries, and proper hydration.
  • Kids Learn good ‘sportsmanship & teamwork’ by encouraging participants to take turns, play by the rules and cooperate with peers.
  • RSGK program structure is repeated each week so that participants become familiar and comfortable with the routine.
  • To ensure that every participant receives a high level of attention and support, we maintain suitable instructor to student ratio, and our instructors have extensive experience in traning children.
  • RSGK invite and encourage parental participation in our classes, and — trust us — parents love our classes as much as the kids!

In our quest to help all children benefit from sport and physical activity, Little Scholars have tied up with Ready Steady Go, a multisport program, introduced for the first time in Faridabad for preschool kids showing them that sport and physical activity are fun, thus developing a lifelong passion for exercise.