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TeachNext, is the core offering of Next Education, which is an Audio-Visual Teaching product which enables students to visualize, globalize and experiment their concepts of Learning.

TeachNext has User friendly Software & can be used with minimal hardware – a projector and a remote in each class where the teacher operates.

TeachNext content is mapped to various education boards in India – ICSE, CBSE and 23 State boards – in 8 languages based on NCERT guidelines, which helps standardize teaching quality across India.

The content is designed to cater to all socio-economic and socio-cultural sections & is updated periodically to meet the need for continuous learning experience for kids

Teach next solution for preprimary comes with over 1500 modules of audio visual content which is perfectly aligned with our textbooks, ensuring content continuity. These modules are specially designed keeping in mind the limited attention span of young children.

With the help of TeachNext, We at Little Scholars are trying enliven the Classrooms of our preschool kids with Digitalization where kids can experience the joy of seeing characters in their books come alive, which extends their imagination & gives meaning to abstract concept.