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In today’s fast paced dynamic world, sustainable quality education is only possible by leveraging technology as technology today is interwoven with every aspect of our lives. Kids these days are exposed to interesting & captivating content outside the classroom, so it is very important to have encounter engaging content within the classroom as well.

Hence, we partnered with Next Education Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2007, Headquartered in Hyderabad, is a fast-growing, technology-driven company revolutionizing the education system in India. The company offers innovative learning solutions for the K-12 segment.

Next Education has created a storehouse of comprehensive content for digital as well as print medium to meet the diverse needs of students & teachers. It is supported by 10,000 partner schools & validated by industry with 20 awards in innovation in education and research & development.

More than 12,000,000 students from various socio-cultural backgrounds study in their 12,000 partner schools across the country, transforming the lives of 10% of India’s private-school-going children with innovative products and solutions.

Next Education Books are One Step Ahead & Act as Catalysts in Holistic Growth of Students. Their print medium (books) have following features –

  1. Age Appropriate Progression in Content
  2. Enables Teachers & Parents to monitor each child’s progress.
  3. Student Friendly Activities
  4. Activity Material Provided
  5. Balanced & Chronological Presentation of Information
  6. Propel Higher Order Thinking in Students
  7. Helps Students to collaborate with Real life Situations
  8. Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation
  9. Develop a lifelong love for Learning
  10. Colourful & Attractive Images with Higher Picture Text Ratio
  11. Good Quality Paper (90/130 GSM)
  12. Double Picture Plate

For Dynamic Teaching & Learning Solutions, Little Scholars is now in partnership with Next Education for all our print, digital, teachers training, course module as well as our ERP system.